Connectworks is a unique and modern software system that streamlines company secretarial tasks and ensures compliance.

Experience a streamlined workflow and integrated bulk annual return filing plus a discounted annual return filing fee of $33 instead of $36 (excluding GST & paid directly via Direct Debit to NZ Companies Office)

It helps professional firms and clients meet their requirements under sections 189, 190 and 194 of the Companies Act.

Setup is easy, via an import of existing information from the Companies Office, either individually or in bulk for busy professional firms.

Connectworks has comprehensive document management capabilities including shared access, digital and/or manual signing, and securely delivers long-term storage for all important records.

Professional firms can access over 280 up-to-date templates, workflows, and resolution clauses that then easily merge with client company details.

The comprehensive shareholding management system meets all the legal requirements and more, even for the most complex structures.

Connectworks allows integration with the Companies Office, as well as registering for risks, interests and soft assets, an easy system for clients to verify their annual return details, shareholder continuity tracking, and much more.