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Comprehensive shareholder management

It can require 2 separate reports to produce a share register that is compliant with Section 87 of the Companies Act 1993.

Connectworks instantly formats the required information into the formats prescribed for compliance.

It’s easy to undertake other tasks too, such as splits, cancellations, transfers buy-backs and managing treasury stock. And our ongoing programme of enhancements includes plans to managing options, warrants and convertible notes.

We support recording the names of share parcels by trusts and partnerships as well as how they’re recorded at the Companies Office.

A range of reports can be produced, including ones for letting you easily correspond with shareholders and another showing capital movements.

We know it doesn’t affect all companies you deal with, but when it is required, shareholder continuity tracking is something that’s both complex and important to get right. Connectworks makes it easy to get the process right, with continuity lookup tables produced directly from the share registers. This includes setting the 4 levels of control, supporting pooling (at both 5% and 10%) and help to complete IR4’s (automatically calculating the “Lowest economic interests of the shareholders during the income year” required for Q38).