Flexible and convenient signing and approvals

New Zealand has had legislation around digital and electronic signatures since 2002.

Some users love the convenience and security they offer. Others prefer to stick with ink and paper.

Connectworks lets people sign electronically or manually and even by a mix of methods on the same document. This makes it one of the most flexible signing tools available globally.

Our document pack lets firms collate, send and track multiple documents for a client. Clients have clear instructions of what to do with each document and can even sign multiple documents concurrently.

And users can use Connectworks for getting any document signed, not just ones generated in Connectworks. This can include tax returns, annual accounts, client engagement agreements and financial statements. 

Documents being signed electronically can be done so concurrently by all users, making it a faster process. You get to see the status of the signing process. And with plans that include signing costing just $5 per year more, it won’t take long to start saving money.