Fulfilling compliance and more

There’s more to being the registered office than just filing annual returns.

The Companies Act outlines legal requirements of the registered office and directors.

These include keeping the Constitution, minutes and resolutions for the last 7 years, shareholder communications and financial statements plus an interests register.

Details of Directors are required to be retained, along with their place and date of birth. There are also prescribed requirements for share registers and more.

Connectworks enables you to easily meet all these requirements and focus on adding value.

Annual returns can be e-filed to the Companies Office in seconds at a cheaper rate than doing it via the website, you can also update details held at the companies office directly from Connectworks.

In addition, there are tasks your firm can do to improve the governance of companies you’re involved with. This can help clients in the case of them wanting to sell part or all of their business or if they ever take on a new director.

For example, in the event of a liquidation, any directors remuneration not properly authorised can be treated as a loan and required to be paid back.

Connectworks makes it easy to undertake this and many other tasks easily. It both helps your clients and your firm to earn more fees.