Templates and document management

Connectworks contains all the precedents, workflows and clauses you’ll ever need.

Over 288 document templates, workflows, and clauses for easily building annual resolutions are provided and our search functionality means you can find the right one in seconds.

They are regularly reviewed and updated, so you and your staff will never waste time writing or finding templates, or risk using out-of-date ones again.

The templates and clauses automatically merge with the details of the company and/or director details in seconds and produced as MS Word documents. Think about how much time you’ll save! Firms can even modify our templates or create their own for their exclusive use.  These can also be set up to auto-merge with client company details.

Then they can be distributed for signing and are securely stored within Connectworks.

There are multiple ways to easily find any company you’re involved with, even by searching the name of a person involved or the client number. Then any document within it can be found in seconds.