Streamline tasks

Connectworks contains a range of features to ensure everything required is done on time, in a compliant manner and easily. This includes reminders for key tasks, 47 inbuilt workflows, templates that auto-merge with client company details, integrations with the Companies Office and easy process for clients to verify annual return details and much more.


Templates and document management

Connectworks contains all the precedents, workflows and clauses you’ll ever need.

Over 288 document templates, workflows, and clauses for easily building annual resolutions are provided and our search functionality means you can find the right one in seconds.

They are regularly reviewed and updated, so you and your staff will never waste time writing or finding templates, or risk using out-of-date ones again.

The templates and clauses automatically merge with the details of the company and/or director details in seconds and produced as MS Word documents. Think about how much time you’ll save! Firms can even modify our templates or create their own for their exclusive use.  These can also be set up to auto-merge with client company details.

Then they can be distributed for signing and are securely stored within Connectworks.

There are multiple ways to easily find any company you’re involved with, even by searching the name of a person involved or the client number. Then any document within it can be found in seconds. 


Fulfilling compliance and more

There’s more to being the registered office than just filing annual returns.

The Companies Act outlines legal requirements of the registered office and directors.

These include keeping the Constitution, minutes and resolutions for the last 7 years, shareholder communications and financial statements plus an interests register.

Details of Directors are required to be retained, along with their place and date of birth. There are also prescribed requirements for share registers and more.

Connectworks enables you to easily meet all these requirements and focus on adding value.

Annual returns can be e-filed to the Companies Office in seconds at a cheaper rate than doing it via the website, you can also update details held at the companies office directly from Connectworks.

In addition, there are tasks your firm can do to improve the governance of companies you’re involved with. This can help clients in the case of them wanting to sell part or all of their business or if they ever take on a new director.

For example, in the event of a liquidation, any directors remuneration not properly authorised can be treated as a loan and required to be paid back.

Connectworks makes it easy to undertake this and many other tasks easily. It both helps your clients and your firm to earn more fees. 


Setup is easy

New Zealand companies can be set up in seconds with data imported from the Companies Office. This includes company name and address, director details, including their addresses, company number, NZ Business number, filing date, public documents filed with Companies Office and shareholding and shareholder details.

We can also advise on importing additional data and documents from practice management and document management systems.

We have loading templates to help and also trained people around the country who can go into firms to load additional data and documents if required.

Talk to one of our on-boarding team today to find out how we can make the process painless. or phone 0800 456 580


Companies Office integrations

Connectworks has pioneered integrating with the Companies Office to streamline e-filing information. This makes it an easier and sometimes even cheaper process and avoids the need to log in to separate systems and re-enter information.

  • Publically-available data can be easily imported from the Companies Office.
  • Annual returns can be e-filed, and users can even access a cheaper rate of $37.95 (including GST) as opposed to $41.40 for filing via the Companies Office website. We’ve got a great system for clients to verify their details too.
  • Changes to the details of directors and shareholder can also be e-filed.
  • And we’ve got a roadmap of other integrations we’re agreed with the Companies Office to make processes easier for Connectworks users.  
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Comprehensive shareholder management

It can require 2 separate reports to produce a share register that is compliant with Section 87 of the Companies Act 1993.

Connectworks instantly formats the required information into the formats prescribed for compliance.

It’s easy to undertake other tasks too, such as splits, cancellations, transfers buy-backs and managing treasury stock. And our ongoing programme of enhancements includes plans to managing options, warrants and convertible notes.

We support recording the names of share parcels by trusts and partnerships as well as how they’re recorded at the Companies Office.

A range of reports can be produced, including ones for letting you easily correspond with shareholders and another showing capital movements.

We know it doesn’t affect all companies you deal with, but when it is required, shareholder continuity tracking is something that’s both complex and important to get right. Connectworks makes it easy to get the process right, with continuity lookup tables produced directly from the share registers. This includes setting the 4 levels of control, supporting pooling (at both 5% and 10%) and help to complete IR4’s (automatically calculating the “Lowest economic interests of the shareholders during the income year” required for Q38).


Flexible and convenient signing and approvals

New Zealand has had legislation around digital and electronic signatures since 2002.

Some users love the convenience and security they offer. Others prefer to stick with ink and paper.

Connectworks lets people sign electronically or manually and even by a mix of methods on the same document. This makes it one of the most flexible signing tools available globally.

Our document pack lets firms collate, send and track multiple documents for a client. Clients have clear instructions of what to do with each document and can even sign multiple documents concurrently.

And users can use Connectworks for getting any document signed, not just ones generated in Connectworks. This can include tax returns, annual accounts, client engagement agreements and financial statements. 

Documents being signed electronically can be done so concurrently by all users, making it a faster process. You get to see the status of the signing process. And with plans that include signing costing just $5 per year more, it won’t take long to start saving money.


Secure storage and easy access

Connectworks delivers all the requirements of a permanent file for a company.

The Companies Act 1993 requires company records to be held for a period of 7 years and available at the registered office. Information on paper or office servers is vulnerable to earthquakes, floods, fires and more. And do you really still want to have a server or paper documents filling up your valuable office space?

As a modern software system, Connectworks is naturally cloud-based. Like other cloud-based services, such as your online banking, Connectworks can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, by multiple authorised users, on any computer or tablet with internet access.