Flexible subscription options and NZ- based support

Select a subscription plan that’s right for each trust or estate you manage



Unlinked - $25 per trust per annum

Best for where there is a single professional and trustee are not online. Internal use by professional firm-only with no client access. No document sharing, signing or oversight of other parties activity.

Unlinked with signing - $35 per trust per annum

As above, but with clients and all staff of other professional firms able to sign documents and approve resolutions-only.  Access covers everyone within the professional firm(s) and trustees can approve and sign online, or manually then upload.

2-party - $65 per trust per annum

Best for when only 2 parties are engaged. e.g. accounting and law firm, or one firm with trustees.

Unlimited - $98 per trust per annum

Best for active trusts with all parties engaged.   Unlimited access by all appropriate parties, including every staff member of accounting, law or trust management firm plus non-professional trustees. Financial advisors, fund managers and beneficiaries can have access too if the trustees wish.

Corporate trustee companies – no charge

Ability to manage your corporate trustee companies, including importing information from Companies Office, managing shareholding, precedents, documents and director approvals and signing at no charge. Fair use policy applies.


Archive Plan

We have an archive plan for entities that leave your firm or are wound-up.

The cost is an up-front $75 for 10 years. You can view the entity under the list of trusts and companies you manage. Everything is held securely and easily searchable including by client name or number, name of a person involved.

If ever required, it can be resurrected to a full-access plan.


Prices exclude GST, subscriptions are payable annually in advance


No-charge loading period. Subscriptions receive the first month of access at no charge to enable the completion of loading before the paid subscription period begins. 


All plans are flexible.

Your firm can choose the plan that is right for each entity you’re involved with.

Changing between plans is fair (credits for remaining time on existing plans are applied) and an easy self managed process.


No charge training and support. Connectworks do not charge for training and support. Training can be delivered by webinars or in person at our discretion.  Support is via email from the product or via an 0800 number, which is answered in New Zealand.



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