1 Confidentiality

1.1   The Information entered into Connectworks by any Authorised User is considered personal information and remains confidential to the Authorised Users and will not be made accessed, used or made available to Connectworks without first obtaining permission from the Advisor, Subscriber or Contact trustee, except as provided at clause 1.2 below.

1.2   Connectworks is granted the right to access the Information only for the purposes of assisting the Authorised Users to resolve any defect in the Service or troubleshoot any problem being experienced by any of the Authorised Users.

1.3   The Service utilizes “cookies” and other technologies to enhance and efficiently provide the Service upon return visits by the Authorised Users to the Website. A cookie will not provide any information which identifies any Authorised User but operates to identify the computer used to access the Website. Any Authorised User may set their browser to allow or reject the receipt of a cookie.

1.4   Connectworks may collect non-identifying information arising from any use of the Service for the purposes of understanding and improving the Service and the delivery of the Service to the Authorised Users. This non-personal information will be kept confidential to Connectworks and will not be disclosed to any other party.

2 Security

2.1   Connectworks servers have SSL Certificates issued by leading certificate authorities, so all information transferred between Authorised Users and the Service is encrypted. Authorised Users are encouraged to only enter or upload Information to the Service using a web browser that supports the encryption security used in connection with the Service.

2.1   Connectworks arranges the storage of the Information in the location Connectworks considers provides the greatest level of security and efficiency in the storage and access of the Information. The storage location may be within or outside of New Zealand. It is agreed that the Information may be transferred from one country to another for this purpose.

3 Access to Information

3.1   If any time the Advisor or Subscriber request, and provided that they have met all of their obligations, Connectworks will provide to them a full export of the Information in a common file format determined by Connectworks.

3.2   The Information may be permanently removed after 12 months after a subscription ends, or earlier upon request.

4 Credit Card Details

Any credit card details supplied in payment of the Service are not held as part of the Service and are unable to be accessed by any employee of Connectworks.

5 General

5.1   The Privacy Policy is to be read in conjunction with the Connectworks Terms of Service (available at Terms of Service).

5.2   The definitions provided in the Terms of Service also apply within the Privacy Policy. Where there is any conflict between the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy the Terms of Service will prevail.

5.3   The Privacy Policy may be varied or replaced at any time.