Two minute update - AML/CFT in Connectworks

Connectworks now has everything in place so you can know you're compliant and show you're compliant in meeting your AML/CFT obligations.

  • To get underway you can set up a client company in seconds and easily import other entity types.

  • Connectworks contains workflows to take users through the process of performing the appropriate level of CDD on both client entities and individuals.

  • This includes custom fields based on all requirements of the AML/CFT legislation and the ability to save supporting documents. 

  • Client identity information checks can be performed in around 20 seconds (via Centrix) and cost just $5 (NZ driver licence) or $6 (NZ passport).

  • If you've done identity checks on a natural person, they automatically show for all other entities the person is involved with in Connectworks. And both the results of CDD and identity check certificates are sharable if you're working with other firms.  

  • Supervisors can sign off on the process for each client (see image below) and users can set reminders to repeat CDD.

  • Importantly, your firm's management and AML/CFT Compliance Officer has easy oversight of the status of all clients in terms of their CDD requirements, status and completion level. 

  • This functionality is included with all entity management subscriptions at no extra cost. AML/CFT-only subscriptions are just $5 per client, per annum or $25 for 6 years.

  • Any identity checks undertaken via Connectworks are charged additionally at the above rates.    

We're running 20-minute webinars at the following times to take people through the process. Please click on your preferred time to register.

Friday 19th Oct @ 3pm - Register
Wednesday 24th Oct @ 2pm - Register
Friday 26th Oct @ 10.30am - Register

Setup requirements
In order to use Centrix’s Smart ID electronic identity verification services in Connectworks, you must complete the below forms and return to  The forms can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.
Application for Centrix subscriber account (download)
These are the terms and conditions for using Centrix, and must be completed and signed by an authorised representative of your firm.

Application in relation to the Identity Information Confirmation Act 2012(download)
This form only needs to be completed if you want to be able to use passport information in your Smart ID checks.  Parties receiving passport information must first be authorised by the Department of Internal Affairs, via Centrix. (For more information, see here.) Again, this form must be completed and signed by an authorised representative of your firm, and returned to Connectworks for processing.

You should also receive consent from anyone you intend to perform Smart ID checks on.

If you have any questions, please contact Connectworks on 0800 456 580 or email