November two minute update

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Revised Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
We've updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to make things clearer, and as a result of GDPR and the storage of more personal data due to our new AML/CFT functionality. These take effect from 1 December 2018, meaning users will have to accept the new policies the first time the log in after this date. The main changes are as follows: 
More transparency about the data we collect (what, why, and how)
We’ve added new sections to our Privacy Policy to more clearly explain the kinds of personal data we capture, why and how we capture it, and how it’s used. Please note that nothing’s changed with the collection of data itself, just with the text of the policy.
We want our users to know their rights
We’ve also added a section on the rights users have in relation to our collection of their personal data.
The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in May. GDPR places requirements on the ways the personal data of EU citizens can be transferred to and processed in countries outside the EU. Because Connectworks services are available world-wide, the use of Connectworks may fall under GDPR. We’ve therefore updated our policies to reflect this.
Your current AML/CFT system may seem easy until.... also consider how easy it will be to complete your Annual Reports to DIA each year, plus the ease (and therefore potentially the cost) of being audited.

Connectworks makes CDD easy, with clients set-up in minutes (if they're not already in Connectworks), a workflow process that take users through the determined level of CDD, integrated ID checks that are easy and cheap to run, and/or the ability to record the results of manual checks.

Importantly, we make the oversight of your firm, your DIA reporting and audits easier too. Section 2A of the AML/CFT Regulations outlines the reporting requirements for accountants and lawyers. As comprehensive client data is being recorded in Connectworks, it will be able to be extracted using three reports to help your easily compile the information required under 2A - section 8.

Similarly, when you are audited (at least every 2 years), the auditor will be able to easily see all clients where CDD is underway or has been completed, plus find any specific client then see a summary or detail of the CDD process completed.    
Do you know Real Estate agents looking for AML/CFT software? 
Real estate agents become reporting entities on Jan 1st 2019. We're offering Connectworks as an AML/CFT-only solution for the real estate industry (turning off the entity management functionality). We're rewarding referrers with wine or beer to say 'thanks'. Plus, if the real estate agents undertake ID checks on clients the resulting Centrix SmartID certificate could be shared with your firm, saving you time and money.  
Start 2019 with a better Annual Return process.
In our thoroughly unbiased opinion Connectworks has lots of great functionality for companies! The ability to easily facilitate clients to verify their annual return details, then for your firm to update them in Connectworks and simultaneously at the Companies Office (if required), then individually or bulk e-file annual returns is one of the most popular features. As you finish your return process for this year, you may want to see how easy it would be to do them via Connectworks in 2019. Please see the webinar details below and get in touch if you would like to upgrade your annual return process in the New Year.

We use GoToWebinars, just click on the links below to register. 

Learn how to manage your AML obligations in Connectworks. 20min.
Wednesday 5th Dec @ 2pm - Register
Thursday 13th Dec @ 10am - Register

Annual Return Process
Learn how to use the annual return workflow. Easy client verifications. Manage client changes. File individual returns and bulk filing. 30min.
Wed 12th Dec @ 10.30am - Register

Companies - Overview
For those that haven't seen or are very new to companies this is a high level overview on all functionality including annual return processing.
Monday 10th Dec @ 10am - Register

Companies - Basic Training 
Covering all the basics. Importing a company, updating information, uploading documents, contact management, interest register and more. 60min.
Monday 10th Dec @ 2pm - Register

Trusts Overview
For those that haven't seen or are very new to trusts this is a high level overview on all functionality.
Wednesday 12th Dec @ 12pm - Register

Precedents & Signing 
How to use Connectworks precedents to generate documents and send them to clients for signing. Covers companies & trusts. 30min.
Wednesday 19th Dec @ 11am - Register

Shareholding Management 
Learn how to create and maintain compliant share registers using Connectworks. 30min.
Watch the recording here

Trust Set up and Administration
How to set up a trust in Connectworks and manage its associated parties. 30min.
Watch the recording here
And download our new Training Module Workbook which sits along-side the video.

Quote of the Month
"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change." - Stephen Hawking