April - Two minute update


We’re changing our branding
If we knew then what we know now….
We’re dropping Trustworks and Companyworks as product names. The product as well as the legal entity will be referred to as Connectworks from now on. We already offer the ability for firms to manage individuals via our branded client portal. We’re releasing a solution for managing estates in the next few months to be followed by ones for LP’s, other partnerships and JV’s. So with more entity types, plus notifications, passwords and many features being common to all solutions, it was time to move away from separate product brands. A new Connectworks website will be launched soon that includes information and our solutions for companies, trusts and more.
There will be no changes to logins, passwords or any features as a result.

Document tags replacing document categories
We believe Connectworks has always offered great search capability and now we’re making it even better. There are a multitude of ways you can search for any entity you have access to, not limited to the entity name. These include:

  • The name of any person associated
  • Client or matter number
  • Loading status
  • Partner or manager involved
  • Date settled/incorporated or loaded into Connectworks

Then within the entity, a number of document categories and sub-categories can be used. Searchable notes can be added to documents e.g. “Agreement for Sale and Purchase of 101 High Street”. This makes the document searchable by typing in words such as “purchase” or “High St” as well as many other ways. This is in addition to it being within the appropriate document category and sub-category e.g. (legal/agreements).
Document tags combine categories, sub-categories and key words to make searching easier.  For existing trusts and companies the categories and sub-categories you’ve already selected have become document tags, so you’re able to find them just as easily. However now, for both existing and new trusts & companies, you can add extra tags (e.g 101 High St) to make searches even easier. 
Changes to director and shareholder documents (newly imported companies only). As a result of document tags, company constitutions will be available on an entity's profile page as well as in the Directors/Documents section. Shareholder documents are now imported into the Shareholder/Documents section. However these documents can now be moved (either singularly or in bulk) between these document libraries. The action for this is in the cogs menu.

Middle name field added to contacts
A middle name field has been added to contact profiles. This is being done to help users better capture the full identity of clients and is part of our preparation to help firms easily undertake CDD for AML/CFT Phase 2 as mentioned last month. Middle names don’t show when the name is being used to auto-populate a document.

Integration with Xero Practice Manager/ WorkflowMax
Readers may recall we announced this previously, but then shelved the project in favour of a Xero HQ integration. However were close to finishing the work required to implement the XPM integration and because of the growth in the number of firms using XPM, we have now decided to complete it, as well as progressing the Xero HQ integration. The integrations are primarily about a two-way update of client details. Identifying any discrepancies between the products and enabling easy exporting or importing of the correct details from one product to the other. The Xero HQ integration will also enable users to also see key tasks from Connectworks via their Xero HQ dashboard. We’ll advise you when we're close to rolling out both integrations.

Bulk changes of registered office address
For some time you’ve been able to easily update a company's registered office address to the Companies Office from Connectworks when e-filing its annual return. But if your firm ever moves address, even that could get onerous for every company you’re registered office for. So we’re adding the ability to make these changes in bulk. We’ll notify users when completed.
Additional addresses can now be e-filed
Relating to the above, previously, when updating a company's registered office address via Connectworks, only this address could be updated. This has been changed so that all 5 addresses held by the Companies Office (registered office, address for service, address for communications, address for share register, and address for records) can now be updated via Connectworks.

We’re introducing the use of NZ Post - Postal Address Files
The use of this will help users more easily and accurately record addresses. Addresses will auto-complete once you start to enter them and only a known address will be able to be accepted. As this is widely used, it will improve the accuracy of information when we’re synching client contact details with others systems (see XPM announcement above) as there is less risk of discrepancies due to a minor variation in the address.

Survey extended - Cap tables, options, warrants and convertible notes
OK, we admit it! We picked a busy time of the year to ask you to take part in this, so we’re asking again. There’s a chance to win some quality wine as well as help us shape our offering to meet your needs. Please click here to take part.

Companies Office login issues
Unfortunately users had issues in late-March with them being logged out of their link to the Companies Office via Connectworks. It was due to some background work being undertaken by the Companies Office that they didn’t realise was going to impact on users in this way. This resulted in users have to enter their RealMe login details again within Connectworks. Normally this is only required every 400 days.

We apologise for any inconvenience. If users ever experience the inability to e-file annual returns or update director or registered office details, we recommend they logout of the Companies Office and login again. The buttons to do this is on your personal home page (see screenshots below).

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 11.26.17 am.png


Join a webinar demonstration
Email your name and the date you’d like to attend to enquire@connectworks.com and we’ll respond with login details:
Companies - Tuesday 8th May @10am
Trusts - Tuesday 8th May @2.30pm
20min Training Webinars:
Assets & Liabilities - Monday 14th May @ 2.30pm
Annual Returns - Wednesday 16th May @ 2.30pm
Shareholder Management - Thursday 17th May @ 2.30pm
Document Packs - watch a recorded webinar here

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