August - Two minute update

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Revisions to digital signing

Our signing process links a user (as identified through their username and password) to a document, which cannot be subsequently edited, and to their approval to sign it. After indicating their approval of the document, the user must then also re-enter their password as an extra level of security.

This is all tied together in the digital certificate produced as a result.

We’re revising this process to make the digital certificate more prominent on the signed document. We’re also adding an audit trail to the signature section, which provides dates and times of publication, signing, and sealing of a document, along with some additional security features, including visible and hidden codes able to be used with a soon-to-be-released verification feature allowing you to upload and verify documents within Connectworks. These will be released this week.

Customisable emails
The development team is working on the ability for firms to easily create their own email templates for emailing out of Companyworks and Trustworks. These could be for sharing a document with a bank or other external party, through to client engagement around signing documents or approving resolutions, or verifying Companies Office annual return information.

Our support site has moved  
This was and is now

More features coming soon...
1. The ability to pre-record your drawn signature, and so avoid having to re-draw it every time you sign a document. (NB: The drawing of a signature does not form part of the signing requirements under the Electronic Transactions Act.)
2. The ability to save draft documents for review prior to publishing.
3. The ability to retract documents published for signing (as can currently be done with resolutions). 
4. The ability to control how a document is signed, such as requiring the application of a wet signature.

Following the successful webinars last month, we’re going to be running more. There will be two types:

Full demonstration - Friday 26/8 @ 3pm and Wednesday 31/8 @ 10am
We do about 120 new feature releases a year, so even if you’ve seen Companyworks before this is a great opportunity for an update. It will also show the annual return client engagement process. The whole demonstration will take about 30 minutes.

Annual return - Tuesday 30/8 @ 10am and Thursday 1/9 @ 3.30pm
A ten-minute webinar covering just the annual return client engagement process, for those who haven’t seen it yet.

Email us at to let us know which webinar you’d like to attend and we’ll reply with the login details.

If these times don't work for you, email us anyway and we’ll arrange a time that does.

We’ve capped Companyworks pricing
Many firms are providing full access to Companyworks for their clients, allowing them to see everything to do with their company, and use the risks, interests and assets registers. They can also use Companyworks for storing, sharing and signing their own documents.
We’ve capped the Companyworks subscription at a maximum of $180 (per company, per annum, +GST) meaning an unlimited number of parties can be given access without the cost going beyond this limit. These could include company directors and administrators, any or all staff at another professional firm, as well as everyone within your firm.
Pricing for our Unlinked, Unlinked with Signing, and 2 Party plans remain the same.

238 Precedents!
We’ve just added two more: a Notice to the Registrar of Companies regarding a company amalgamation (s223 Companies Act 1993) and a constitution that includes shareholder agreement content. This is the modern way of having a constitution, negating the need to cross-reference separate documents.
Is there a more comprehensive library of precedents and clauses available in New Zealand?

New auto-merge estate documents

We’ve added auto-merge functionality to 7 of the most common estate management documents. The most complex of these has over 40 auto-populating fields. So far we've added:
Affidavit for Obtaining Grant of Probate (single and multiple applicants)
Probate in Common
Letters of Administration on Intestacy
Letters of Administration with Will Annexed
Exemplification of Probate or Letters of Administration

We'll be rolling out the remainder in the near future.

New Trustworks brochures for your clients are available
We have these in both printed and electronic formats. Stands for the printed ones are also available. Email with the format and quantity you require and we’ll have them delivered to you.

Like a demonstration or update?
Email “Demo Request” to or call 0800 456 580 to organise a demonstration or webinar.

Quote of the month
“A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.”
                                                                               - Steve Jobs