December - Two minute update


Two new features announced
(1) Sign multiple documents concurrently

As previously outlined, we’re currently developing a ‘document pack’ that will enable firms to efficiently collate and distribute multiple documents to clients for signing and storage. One way we’ll make signing documents easier is by adding the ability to select and electronically sign multiple documents together. This is currently in testing, so watch this space.

(2) Notify the Companies Office of a change of registered office address
This is being done as part of the same body of work that will allow you to update director details at the Companies Office. It’s also currently in testing, and is due for release in January. We know that when firms change addresses there is a requirement for this notification to be made in bulk, across all companies you’re registered office for. That’s on the roadmap too, but is a much bigger project.

Connectworks year-end summary
We’ve had another great year: more than 100 new firms adopted Connectworks in 2017, and we’ve more than doubled the number of entities being managed through the system. 
We made 67 new-feature releases. This is actually a decline on 2016. However, we’re now adding more features per release in order to make the process more efficient. So if it’s been a while since you had a demonstration or you or your staff would like an update, please let us know at
Notable new features for 2017 are the branded client portal, integration with the Companies Office to enable the e-filing of annual returns in seconds (and at a lower rate,) and shareholder continuity tracking.   
There are now 465 precedents and workflows included (188 for trusts and estates, and 277 for companies) and 61 clauses for building resolutions easily.

A sincere thank you to all the people who took the time to look at what we offer and trusted us to help look after the entities they manage.
One of the best parts of our strong continued growth (see above) is the ability to crowd-source more ideas. This includes receiving advice on how firms manage entities, ideas for new features, suggestions for how to improve user experience, recommendations for additional precedents to add, and feedback on how their clients are finding our solutions.
So we thank everyone for their feedback too. It helps us and other users.

From all the team at Connectworks, we hope you have a safe, enjoyable and relaxing Christmas break and we look forward to seeing you all in 2018.
We’re up and running properly on January 8th.
If you have any support queries prior, please log them from within Connectworks (using the question mark symbol at the top-right of the screen) or email 

Tip of the month - Any document can be signed using Connectworks
Any document that can be legally signed electronically (wills being a notable exception) can be put through Connectworks for signing, not just ones generated from it. Naturally, you have to be on a subscription plan that enables signing, but there is no limit on the numbers of documents that can be signed in a year on any of these plans.