December - Two minute update


PPSR integration
The Companies Office have announced that they're starting on the project to enable integrations with the replacement PPSR system. We're looking at this now and will keep you informed of progress.

Companies Office integration update
We’re still waiting on the Companies office to implement the e-filing of director and shareholder changes directly from Companyworks. The good news is that e-filing of Annual Returns is ahead of schedule, and we hope to have it completed for February filing. 

Practical trust management seminars
As mentioned last month, we’ve worked in collaboration with a group of leading trust experts to put together an informative two-hour seminar on the practical side of family trust management. You should now have received an invitation for this. If you haven’t, click here to find out more. 

The dates are: Christchurch February 22nd, Auckland North Shore and CBD February 23rd, and Wellington March 1st. 

With the ever-present risk for firms and professionals acting as trustees, and new trusts laws coming, this is your chance to learn best-practice from the experts. It will be useful, low-cost and may be considered as 2 hours of CPD.

Just to clarify…what clients can (and can’t) do in Trustworks
Although most firms realize this, it can bear repeating that Trustworks is
NOT a do-it-yourself system for clients.
Even when non-professional trustees approach us asking to, they can’t subscribe to Trustworks unless a professional is also invited in as a user. Access can be extended to non-professionals only through their subscribing firm choosing either our Unlimited or Unlinked with Signing subscription plans for their trust.
Clients still do not get access to precedents. They can however start discussions or create freeform resolutions to outline what they’d like the trust to do.
Our aim is for them to then seek guidance from their advisors and trustees, who can advance it into a formal resolution for approval, and draft the appropriate documents.

New draft letter to clients
We produce a draft letter that users of Trustworks can send to their clients to advise them of the reasons for and benefits of using the system to manage their trust. This has been updated to include content around the new Trusts Bill. Please email if you’d like a copy.

Thanks to those of you who took part in our recent AML/CFT survey. It identified a clear interest in product enhancements and provided advice that we’ll respond to in order to help professionals comply with their Phase 2 requirements. Click here for some updated information on the Bill, including your opportunity to provide feedback.

A plug for The Digital Café
Connectworks Commercial Director Nigel Keats was formerly managing director of an advertising media agency. Early in his career he worked with Antony Young, who went on to run mega-media agencies in Asia, UK and US for over 20 years before returning to NZ earlier this year. Nigel also employed Matt McNeil - twice. Initially 15 years ago, then again to replace him when he left advertising. A few months ago he introduced Matt to Anthony to discuss a business idea Antony had developed. That business in now live – The Digital Café. If you want to promote your firm in a cost-effective and modern way, these are the people who can bring big thinking to small and medium-sized businesses. And no – we’re not being paid to say this!

Help with loading in Auckland?
We’ve filled the role mentioned in last month’s newsletter for a dedicated person to help firms load information into Trustworks and Companyworks. Chelsea is a very talented senior accounting student, and background checks and training are currently underway. Please contact us if you’re interested in using her services. We’re also working on a very exciting technology solution to help load trust and company documents.

Season’s Greetings
The Connectworks team would like to thank you for your business, your feedback and your interest in what we’re doing. We hope you have a wonderful festive season and a safe and relaxing holiday. We look forward to seeing you again in 2017.

Like a demonstration or update?
Email “Demo Request” to or call 0800 456 580 to organise a demonstration or webinar.

Quote of the month
“The great accomplishments of man have resulted from the transmission of ideas and enthusiasm.”
                   - Thomas J. Watson