Deloitte Chooses Connectworks

Deloitte chooses Connectworks 
We’re thrilled to have the first of the ‘Big 4’ accounting firms choose to use both Trustworks and Companyworks.
New staff 
Stephen a’Court joined us in January from Lexis Nexis as our Auckland-based Sales Manager. Hugh Walcott has also joined as a Product Manager.
Seen Companyworks yet? 
It’s new, but already comprehensive.

The shareholding management system enables different classes of shares to be administered, along with treasury stock, buybacks, splits, cancellations, consolidations and more.

A risks register, interests register, assets register and minute book are also included.

Companyworks comes with over 200 precedents, checklists, certificates and resolution clauses, with more being added. They auto-merge with director and company details, then are ready for clients to approve or sign within the system. You can also manage the approval of clients' annual accounts and tax returns through Companyworks.

You can see tasks for your firm and outstanding tasks for clients and much more.

Email “Demo Request ” to or call 0800 456 580 to organise a demonstration or webinar.
Questions about digital signatures or our security?
We’ve produced a paper about how the (optional) use of digital signing in Trustworks and Companyworks meets Electronic Transactions Act (2002) requirements. Clickhere to read it.
We’ve also produced this document summarising the many security features and procedures in Connectworks.
New features
It’s been a busy time for the development team. Some recent highlights include:
- Multi-party workflows. Currently you can create your own, but we’re adding templates too. You can then assign activities to internal or external users and see as they progress through the different stages involved. Nothing gets missed, and nothing gets duplicated.
- Business units can now be created within your firm with staff, trusts and/or companies assigned to them.
- The ability to manage confidential documents (make viewable to partners or managers only).
- Easier and more flexible document signing, either manually, digitally or using a combination of both methods. 

Coming up...
- WorkflowMax / Xero Practice Manager and ActionStep integrations are nearly complete. These provide the ability for details updated in one system to flow into another and allow the import of trust details from XPM or ActionStep.
- Companies Office extract. We’re working on bringing these into Companyworks, routing them to the client company’s directors and enabling them to update their details directly into Companyworks.