February - Two minute update


Bulk filing annual returns – now live!
You’ve been able to easily e-file annual returns through Connectworks at the cheaper rate of $33+GST for some time now. Using our workflow, your clients have been able to easily verify their annual return details too.

We’ve now made the process even faster by introducing bulk filing.

It’s now possible to select multiple companies at the 'Ready to file' stage of the workflow, complete one declaration, and simultaneously file the return for every company you’ve selected. This means you’re able to file annual returns for dozens of companies in less than a minute! Imagine the time saving and staff satisfaction you’ll get by expediting this mundane - but important - task.

We’re running a short webinar to outline the process (see below). But as usual, you can always call or email us at enquire@connectworks.com if that time doesn’t suit and we’ll schedule another.

A second stage of this enhancement will deal with extensive shareholdings, provide more details about the companies you’re filing for, and allow you to produce some more detailed reports. Note that bulk filing does not remove the ability to file returns individually through a company’s Workspace. You’re still able to do this if you prefer, and it’s still only a 20-second job.

Document pack – easy compilation, distribution, signing, and tracking of multiple documents
We believe this to be a world first: a tool specifically designed for professionals who compile and send multiple documents to clients. It’s in beta, but by all means do a test run. You’ll find it under your firm’s Work tab. See below for details of a webinar to take you through it.


Fig.1: Find & test the Beta Document Pack, available now in your firms work tab.

As outlined, document packs allow you to compile, distribute, sign and track documents. A common use is at year-end, but it’s useful at any time you’re dealing with multiple documents. They may be cover letters, annual accounts, financial statements, tax returns and resolutions, or anything else, and can relate to one or more clients or entities in a single pack. The client receives the pack with instructions about what to do with each document (sign, approve, keep, etc.). They can then use Connectworks’ flexible signing processes. Users can sign:
(1) electronically on-screen
(2) by printing, signing, scanning and uploading
(3) or a wet-signed document can be uploaded
Connectworks even supports a mix of these methods on the same document. That’s very different from many signing products that only let users sign electronically. And with Connectworks, users can even sign multiple documents concurrently. The statuses of the packs you’ve created are then easily trackable by your firm. Connectworks document packs will save your firm time and money. It also delivers the convenience that digital natives, who are the future of your firm, expect.

Two more reasons you should consider adding companies by 31 March
Faster and cheaper e-filing of annual returns, easy annual return verifications (as above), compliant share registers, comprehensive shareholding management, shareholder continuity tracking, 288 workflows, templates and clauses that auto-merge with company/director/shareholder details, flexible signing and much, much more - all good reasons to use Connectworks for companies you’re involved with.
However there are some more good reasons to subscribe now:
- Start a new fiscal year with the easy ability to undertake shareholder continuity tracking and have instant answers to Q38 of IR4’s (Lowest economic interest of shareholders).
- Be able to use our new document pack for your 2017 year-end document management (as detailed above).

New feature coming up - Companies Office change alerts
A number of firms have expressed an interest in being notified if there are changes to a company you have authority over by another party (e.g. other professional firm or client). We’ve recently welcomed a new member of staff, Murray, to the Connectworks team. He's a database guru and is off to a great start on this piece of work.

Cap tables, options, warrants and convertible notes - take our short survey and be in to win! 
We’re looking at developing new features for managing cap tables, options, warrants, convertible notes and other share instruments. In order to make the solutions as useful to uses as possible, we’ve put together a short survey to find out more about the appeal of different tools. Follow the link HERE to complete the 5min survey and enter the draw to win one of two 6-bottle packs of quality wine!

Join a webinar demonstration
Email your name and the date you’d like to attend to enquire@connectworks.com and we’ll respond with login details:
Overview of Trusts - Tues 6th March @ 9.30am
Overview of Companies - Tues 6th March @ 1.30pm
Document pack - Wed 7th March @ 10.30am or Thurs 8th March @ 2pm
Bulk e-filing annual returns - Wed 7th March @ 11am or Thurs 8th March @ 2.30pm

Quote of the month
The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten
Benjamin Franklin