January - Two minute update


Practical Trust Management Seminars – a reminder
A reminder that these are happening in Christchurch (February 22nd) North Shore (February 23rd), Auckland CBD (February 23rd) and Wellington (1 March).

Learn from experts how to improve your trust management, protect yourself or your firm if you’re a trustee, have a more profitable trust practice, and be better prepared for the planned Trusts Act (2017). Tickets are just $65 and attendance may be considered as 2 hours of CPD. Click on the link below to book or for more information.

Practical Trust Management Seminar Series

New features - Additional entity types
As promised we’re adding the ability to manage more entity types. There will soon be the ability to manage Trusts (incl. charitable, foreign and trading), Estates, Companies (6 types), Partnerships (4 types), Joint Ventures, Sole Traders, and Co-Operatives.

2 minute survey – Win wine! 
Relating to the above, it would be useful for us to know the approximate percentage of your clients by entity type from those listed. We’ve put together a very quick survey to help us find this out. It will only take 2 minutes to complete, and a lucky participant will receive a two-bottle pack of our “Ducks in Row” Pinot Gris.

To take part and be in to win, click here

Review of Trustworks precedents underway
We’ve recently embarked on a review of all 109 Trustworks precedents with input from several trust experts.

There will be more variants of documents reflecting the specific needs of users with different trust deeds and roles. Some changes will also be made in anticipation of the planned Trusts Act (2017), such as the ability to extend perpetuity dates beyond the current 80 years. Using Trustworks means you don’t have to build and maintain your own set of templates.

Tip of the Month 1 – Building AGM and other resolutions
A reminder that it’s easy to build both trust and company resolutions by selecting the applicable clauses from our library. They auto-merge with the entity and trustee or director details, the date, and the NZBN and Company Number for companies. The documents are then generated in MS Word, so you can add more clauses, amend or re-format if required.

There are currently 10 company and 54 trust clauses, with additional ones being added on a regular basis. If you’d like us to add any others, please feel free to ask. To access them, go to ‘Documents’ within the client entity (under 'Directors' in Companyworks), select 'I would like to,' then search for 'Clauses'.

Tip of the Month 2 – A better way to verify and file Annual Return details
Companyworks has a great system for clients to verify their annual return details. It’s faster and more accurate than current methods.

You can easily see all the Annual Returns you need to file in the month, and start a workflow to initiate the process. This picks up the Companies Office Extract and sends it to the nominated client to verify by email. The client can verify everything is OK at the click of a button. If there are changes required, the email opens a web form where these can be made easily by the client then retrieved by you. They can be saved back into Companyworks and you’re then ready to file the Annual Return. And, we’re only a few weeks away from these being able to be e-filed to the Companies Office directly from Companyworks.

Help to load?
If you’re Auckland-based and need help to load, let us know.

Like a demonstration or update?
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Staff not getting our newsletter?   
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Quote of the month
“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity”
                   - Simone Weil