June - Two minute update

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Annual Returns
The Companyworks client engagement process for Companies Office annual returns is now live! As promised, this allows you to see all annual returns due to be filed in the month. By starting a workflow, you can automatically email the Companies Office extract information to your client. The client can then either approve the details, or make any necessary changes easily on a web-form. Depending on which option the client completes, the workflow progresses to advise you either that the Annual Report is ready to be filed, or to update the Companies Office and other systems with the new information the client has returned.
Please let us know if you’d like a demonstration.
New Features – Companyworks
We’ve added the ability to bring in more information from the Companies Office on our initial set-up import, including the date the last annual return was filed and director appointment dates.

We’re also adding new tabs to manage shareholders and shareholding documents. This will be followed by the ability to merge the two. Shareholder template documents will auto-merge with shareholder details, making shareholder approvals and correspondence easier.

New Features – Trustworks
Distribution requirements within 6 months, gross or net, are now shown on the trust profile page. We also have new account transaction reports able to be extracted as .csv files from the Assets and Liabilities manager.

We’ve also added a loading status alert, so if key information is required (e.g. trust deed to be uploaded, or trustee appointment dates) it can be flagged as required until loading is completed.

Reckon APS Integration  
We’ve been in discussions with Reckon recently around the potential to streamline processes for our mutual clients. Options we are exploring include synchronising client details between Reckon APS and Trustworks/Companyworks, saving significant time and eliminating potential error from manual data entry. Overcoming issues associated with managing documents in multiple systems is also on our agenda. This is likely to be a 2017 project, so we will keep you informed of developments.

Managing Individuals
As promised in last months’ newsletter, we’re adding the ability to manage individuals. This is due for release next week.

It has two main purposes. If your work for a trust and/or company results in engagement with your client as an individual (e.g. personal tax information) this is the place you can engage with them to upload, approve, sign and retain. It can also serve as a personal vault for the client, giving them a secure, easily accessible place to store important documents (fair use applies). There will be no charge for clients on our connected plans for the foreseeable future.

Stephen a’Court Leaving
Unfortunately, our Auckland-based sales manager, Stephen a’Court, is returning to LexisNexis as Head of Sales. To quote Stephen: “It is with genuine and deep regret that I have resigned, but I have been offered a role I simply could not turn down”. We’re working on finding a replacement. If you’ve been dealing with Stephen and need anything in the meantime, please contact Nigel Keats in the first instance on 0800 456 580 or nigel@connectworks.com

Like a demonstration or update?
Email “Demo Request” to enquire@connectworks.com or call 0800 456 580 to organise a demonstration or webinar.