May - Two minute update


We’ve improved emailing out of Trustworks and Companyworks 
Lots of firms using Trustworks and Companyworks have requested that email notifications are seen to be coming from their firm and not just from our product. We agree, but this hasn’t been easy to implement. Attempts to email on behalf of others were often flagged as spam and blocked by email providers.
We’ve finally cracked it though! As a default you’ll soon see, for example, ‘J Smith (at Your Firm) via Connectworks’ as the sender of your email, with this format being customisable to adapt as you wish.
How much do we charge for managing your trustee companies?
Still nothing! Zilch! Zip! A big fat zero! Whether your firm has 1 or 10,000. One login gets you access to the trusts and trustee companies you’re professionally involved with. Create a resolution to approve a major transaction by the company easily. Get it signed easily. It’s already securely retained and able to be shared, and is readily accessible for years to come.

We’re adding partnerships, sole traders and individuals to Companyworks
We’re also going to move estates from being a type of trust into its own category, in order to better cope with the different roles involved.

So, you'll soon have the ability to run all types of companies, including trustee companies, partnerships and sole traders, together with trusts, charities and estates, and manage the clients individual affairs all within the same product. You’ll have oversight of all the client’s affairs through one login, with one system to learn for both yourself and your client.

Is there a more comprehensive library of precedents and clauses available in New Zealand?  
Trustworks now has 163 trust and estate precedents and workflows, plus 58 resolution clauses. Companyworks has 231 certificates, workflows, notices and forms. They’re all kept up-to-date and most auto-merge with the client entity details in seconds.

Still got paper?
Our Fuji Xerox integration is now live. This lets you easily select the entity, document type and date, then scan one or more documents directly into Trustworks or Companyworks. Fuji Xerox - Solution Builder, also enables you to scan directly into other products including Xero, Workflowmax/XPM, Infinity Law, Lawbase and Junior Partner.

E-signing tax returns
The Taxation (Transformation: First Phase Simplification and Other Measures) Billhas had its second reading in Parliament and is due to be enacted later this year. Part of this legislation is to bring IR into line with other entities by accepting digitally signed tax returns.

This will allow Trustworks and Companyworks to be a complete system for discussing, creating, approving, signing and filing all trust and company documents whether signed electronically, digitally by clients, on behalf of clients or by a combination of these methods.

Like a demonstration or update?
Email “Demo Request ” to or call 0800 456 580 to organise a demonstration or webinar.

Quote of the month
In a turbulent age, the only dependable advantage is a superior
capacity for reinventing your business model before circumstances
force you to.

Gary Hamel and Liisa Välikangas