Press Release - Companies office integration

Connectworks and the Companies Office are working together to make company management easier

New Zealand software company Connectworks and the Companies Office are pleased to announce that work is underway on a series of integrations to improve the ease and accuracy of company secretarial tasks.  

Companyworks is a modern, cloud-based software product, developed by Connectworks, that enables accountants and other professional users to easily manage company secretarial tasks for their clients.

Companyworks is already easy to set-up, via an import of all publicly available client information from the Companies Office. Features include a comprehensive shareholding management system, plus risks, interests and soft assets registers. Over 260 precedent documents and clauses are included which can auto-populate with required company and director details in seconds. These and all other company documents can then be digitally and/or manually signed.

Companyworks also streamlines processes for checking, verifying and changing Companies Office annual return information, in order to save time and improve accuracy.

The Companies Office integrations focus on three core compliance requirements.

Both director and shareholder changes made in Companyworks will then automatically update the Companies Office with all required information.

Once client company annual return information is verified, this will also be able to be   e-filed directly from Companyworks into the Companies Office.

Lawrence Wells, Companies Office National Manager, said: “We are working with Connectworks as one of the private sector innovators who want to be first to offer customers the ability to quickly and easily maintain company records and file annual returns. Making it easier to maintain accurate company records throughout the year will result in more up to date information, more informed decision making and greater opportunities to innovate.”

Professional firms using Trustworks already have the ability to manage corporate trustee companies at no additional charge in Companyworks. They will therefore also have the ability to e-file annual returns, plus director and shareholder updates, for their trustee companies.  



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