March two minute update

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New Auckland Senior Sales Manager
We're thrilled to welcome Nick France to the team as our Auckland-based Senior Sales Manager. He will be known to many people in the legal sector due to his previous roles at Practice Evolve and Lexis Nexis selling practice management software.

Nick starts on April 8th and can be reached at, on:  
021 278 8499 or via 0800 456 580. 
Assets and Liabilities enhancements (trusts) 
We're undertaking some final user testing and preparing the support site for the release of the enhancements outlined in last month's Two Minute Update.
We'll send users a message prior to the release along with links to training and support site information.

What else is coming up?

  • AML/ CFT enhancements including more reports to help with your DIA or FMA reporting as well as oversight of your firm. Improved ability to perform CDD on non-natural persons (companies) and other entities associated with a client. Improved ability to search within entities to select CDD candidates that are not directly associated with a client and user roles and restrictions relating to AML/CFT, especially the creation of an AML/CFT Compliance Officer

  • More Companies Office integrations.

  • Xero Practice Manager/ WorkflowMax client contact syncronisation.

  • New entity types - Limited Partnerships, other partnerships, Joint Ventures. 

  • Custom emails. Firms will be able to manage their own branding and wording templates originating from Connectworks to client emails.

  • Firms will also be able to attach documents such as PPSR results and invoices to our annual return verification emails

Free webinar - How to get clients to appreciate and pay for your trust services (40 minutes)
Lindsay Pope of Trustee Support helps professional firms improve client and commercial outcomes in their trust and private client services.  In this free webinar, Lindsay will share some practical strategies, perspectives and ideas for ways professional firms can specifically improve commercial value and reduce risk in the delivery of professional trust services.  If you have been grappling with how to get clients to appreciate and pay for their trust services, we invite you to join Lindsay by registering for this webinar. 

The webinar will be at 2.30 pm on Thursday 11 April 2019 and take around 40 minutes, including Q&A. To register, click here
The benefits of an integrated AML solution
You have obligations to maintain accurate trust and company records as a trustee or the registered office. You have obligations to have accurate AML/CFT records. Why not have one solution that can seamlessly delivers both? Connectworks is an entity management solution with in-built, comprehensive AML/CFT functionality. 
If you use Connectworks for both, any new shareholder or director added, or any shareholding change putting a shareholder over 25%, and more is reflected in your AML/CFT solution. Similarly, any change to the beneficial ownership of a trust made in Connectworks can be instantly reflected in you AML/CFT solution.
This will reduce the risk of errors with information not being updated, or updated accurately in two systems. Naturally, it saves the time of double-handling information too.
It can also simplify your business, eliminating the need to deal with separate software vendors, extra training required, access rights and logins to set, bills to pay and more.
Best of all, there's no additional cost for Connectworks AML/CFT functionality except for the cost of any electronic ID checks undertaken. Or, you can use Connectworks for AML/CFT-only for some or all clients at just $5 per client, per annum, or $25 for 6 years (to meet your 5 year record-keeping requirements) plus the cost of any electronic ID checks.
To register for an AML/ CFT in Connectworks webinar, click here

We use GoToWebinars, just click on the links below to register.

AML/CFT in Connectworks
Learn how to manage your AML obligations in Connectworks. 30mins.
Friday 5th April @ 2.00pm - Register 
Wednesday 10th April @ 11.30am - Register 

Companies overview
For those that haven't seen or are very new to companies this is a high level overview on all functionality including annual return processing. 45mins. 
Tuesday 2nd April @ 2.00pm - Register 

Trusts overview
For those that haven't seen or are very new to trusts this is a high level overview on all functionality. 45mins. 
Friday 5th April @10.30am - Register 

Easy Shareholder Continuity Tracking 
Learn how to undertake shareholder continuity tracking in Connectworks. 20mins. 
Wednesday 10th April @ 10.00am - Register 

Annual Returns Process 
Learn how to use the annual return workflow. Easy client verifications. Manage client changes. File individual returns and bulk filing. 30mins
Wednesday 3rd April @ 1.00pm - Register 

Lindsay Pope Trustee Support
How to get clients to appreciate and pay for your trust services. 40mins
Thursday 11th April @ 2.30pm - Register 

Quote of the month
“Change is the only constant in life” - Heraclitus of Ephesus (535 BC – 475 BC)