Connectworks offers a comprehensive, modern, software system for managing trusts, trustee companies and estates.

It improves the compliance and management of these entities, plus delivers easy access to, and secure storage of, all trust information.

It provides secure, effortless access for all parties 24/7 wherever they are in the world. With automated record-keeping and world-class security and encryption, Connectworks also delivers a business-continuity disaster-recovery solution for all users.


What users say…

Matt @ Succeed Legal

Connectworks  is a fantastic solution for professionals involved in the administration of trusts. It is intuitive and easy to use. In addition to providing online storage and access to key trust documents and information, it also offers great communication and workflow management tools, and a suite of excellent precedent documents.

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Dianne @ BDO Taranaki

We have been using Connectworks to maintain our Trust database since December 2016. We are looking forward to implementing the anticipated seamless signing of documents by multi parties to provide our Trust clients with more efficient signing, less paper, better tracking, transparency and access. This includes being cloud based to ensure a higher standard of Trust management.  Connectworks have provided us with full support and training whilst getting started with the Trustworks product, including prompt responses and solutions to our telephone and email queries. Training when requested has been provided either in person or via GoToMeetings.  Connectworks level of customer service has been excellent. 


Andrea @ Leslie O’Donnell 

Connectworks has helped us stay organised with every aspect of our family trust administration. We've been using Connectworks for a couple of years and have noticed a great improvement.



Joe Sims @ WK

We are really pleased to have partnered with Connectworks, we started off using the Trustworks product and are now implementing it for companies as well. We now have no physical trust or company records and they are all saved in Connectworks. This has saved us valuable time which we can spend on helping our clients grow. On top of that the software is well designed, looks good, is user friendly and technically very good


John Shingleton (Founder) @ OnlineLawyers

We are a start-up law firm with a strong tech emphasis on how we deliver our services to our clients. Connectworks was a natural fit for us in that it has allowed us to offer our trust clients a trust administration service that is more cost- effective and transparent than the traditional, and somewhat old fashioned inhouse model. The ability for clients, their lawyer, and accountant to directly access trust documents 24/7 and, if necessary, to draft and digitally sign resolutions and other documents, is world class. I recommend Connectworks to other modern thinking lawyers.