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Manage your trustee companies

Connectworks delivers New Zealand most comprehensive software solution for managing companies and it’s available for you to manage your trustee companies. Plus, there’s no charge as long as the trust (s) it’s a trustee for also has a current Connectworks subscription.

Connectworks includes 277 company precedents and all the features required for company compliance including a compliant share register, an interest register, and more.

Plus, there is the ability for the required number of directors to easily sign from anywhere, the ability to e-file annual returns at a cheaper rate and much more.

A single login enables both professionals and clients to access both trusts and companies they’re involved with.

As a professional, you also have a complete view of all the client’s entities and their ownership.

Clients have a single login and one way to sign, whether it’s for the trust or company they’re involved with or something for them as an individual.