Streamlining tasks

Only a system that can involve all the parties in a trust can optimise efficiency.

With Connectworks, other professionals won't need to request information from your firm, and vice versa as all the trust's information uploaded by each party can be available to all others.  This can avoid errors (e.g. Was it a gift or a loan? capital distribution or income distribution?) as well as save your firm the time and (often non-billable) cost of managing these requests.

Connectworks comes with workflows to outline the requirements of 15 tasks, plus includes all the precedents required to complete them. Your staff no longer need to know how to undertake an action for a trust, they can just follow the workflow. And everyone has oversight of what other users have been doing to ensure everything is completed correctly. 

There’s no limit on the number of users within each party (such as a professional firm) that can have access and different levels of staff access rights can also be set.