A Fast, Efficient Trust Management Solution

Streamline the management of trusts and get peace of mind that you’re meeting all your legal obligations by keeping everything in one secure, cloud based system.

Trust management in Connectworks

Streamline your day-to-day tasks

Connectworks enables all parties in a trust to be involved, helping you to more efficiently manage them. It’s quick and easy for all parties to upload associated documents, so you can say goodbye to information requests, and reduce time spent managing errors or requests.

Flexible document management

We have over 20 workflows, 150 precedents and 50 resolution clauses readily available for you to use when needed. Easily populate precedents in seconds and distribute them to trustees or beneficiaries for action – whilst having a paper trail of all activities within the Connectworks platform.

Protection and peace of mind for your firm

Meet your compliance obligation and protect your firm. Connectworks creates transparency for all trustees and advisers on what’s happening within a trust, so you’ll always have oversight and a recorded audit trail of all activity to help meet record-keeping requirements.

Trust Management Mockup

Seamlessly connect with the tools you love

Easily sync clients' details across Xero Practice Manager and Connectworks, saving you time, and making sure the information you hold on file is the same, in both places.
Comprehensive asset and liabilities management
Manage trust specific tasks such as gifting and related party loans
Collaborate with all associated parties to ensure accuracy
Make shareholder changes and update shareholdings
Integrated and easy to follow workflows
Execute and manage workflows all from within Connectworks
Access trust specific assets and liability management functionality that connects with other tools are part of your tech stack, such as Xero Practice Manager
Save time getting documents signed with our in-built electronic signing functionaliaty
Intuitive, safe and secure
Record changes and maintain traceability all in the tool
Store documents, and document packs all in one place
Setup is easy, and our specialised onboarding team can help import your data and documents
Meet your compliance obligations with confidence

Our workflows provide guidance for staff to ensure they ‘tick all the boxes’ in an intuitive way.


Invite clients into Connectworks so you spend less time using spreadsheets and other tools to ‘keep a paper trail’.


Document management, means you can always access what you need, when you need it.

Other ways Connectworks
can help you

AML Compliance

Simplify the complexity of meeting AML obligations by managing checks, evidence, documents and returns all in one place.

Company Management

We make it easy to manage company compliance and fulfil your regulatory obligations as a registered office.

Connectworks is easy to use and self-explanatory. It truly is a one-stop shop for filing annual returns at the Companies Office.
Saroj Parsotam
Practice Manager
Connectworks is a one-stop shop for company administration.
Mary-Anne Holland
Tax Administrator
Connectworks saves us time in many ways but especially when it comes to filing annual returns.
Wendy Mclachlan
Companies Office Administrator
Connectworks makes filing annual returns easy, and documents can be securely stored in one place.
Stacey Campbell
Administrator/AML Compliance Officer
With Connectworks I can do most things in one place, and get all documents pre-populated and ready for signing. Filing annual returns is easy and I have confidence that all document templates meet requirements.
Angela Young
Office Manager

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